ART Fusion Association is looking for young people interested in EVS in Romania. The project Globe in the Mirror starts in 3 of April and ends in 30 of September 2010. The theme of the project is promoting The Millennium Development Goals (MDG). The project�s activities will be related to participative arts: photography, movie making, street art, street animation, street theatre. The volunteer will use non-formal education to promote MDGs and EVS Programme.

We are interested in young people with artistic skills, motivated to promote MDGs and education for sustainable development. Knowledge of global development and MDGs is a plus.
For more information about the project go to Globe in the Mirror description.
The interested people are asked to send their CVs, motivation letters, 1 photo and an artistic proof of their motivation of doing EVS at cristinmiss@yahoo.com.


The new year showed up with a new address for the ART Fusion headquarter. You cand find us and we are glad to see you to stree Emil Boteanu, 3B, 3rd floor, ap 9, sector 1, Bucharest.

Difference challenge assumptions

ART Fusion has organized the first Partnership Building Activity Differences challenge assumptions that took place in Busteni between 11 and 17 november that gathered toghteher participants from Romania, Serbia, Spain, Greece and Republic of Moldova.
The goal of the PBA was to bring together youth organizations from different countries, working on the same topic of integration for ethnical disadvantaged communities for practice sharing and partnership building.
So what we did was to bring 21 bright people that work with Roma communities or other ethnical disadvantaged groups and give them the opportunity to share best practices and create future partnerships, as well as to disseminate the methods of participative arts as useful tools in the struggle for ethnical integration.

With the help of the Partnership Building Activity Difference challenge assumptions we were able to reach:
- Active participation of a group of young people from different countries that have had responsibility in implementing projects related to Roma communities and supporting them for creating a long term intervention plan, for their communities and for developing future partnerships on this direction;
- Cultural diversity by bringing together not only participants from different countries but even participants with similar ethnical origins and different cultural background and providing enough time for cultural sharing within the project sessions;
- Creativity and innovation by introducing participative arts methods (such as forum theatre and street animation) as successful tools for the social integration of the Romanian Roma communities and by giving the participants the opportunity to share their tools and find new creative ways to combine them or even create new ones adapted to their own Roma community needs;

The project is realized with the financial support of the European Commission through Youth in Action Program.

Be a global citizen!

A.R.T. Fusion in partnership with FOND, OFRR and PATRIR organizes the campaign Be a global citizen! Take attitude against poverty! Our initiative is part of the Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP) campaign that takes place every year on 17th October, The World Day against Poverty. The campaign Be a global citizen! Take attitude agains poverty! starts on 12 October and aims to raise awarness about the extreme poverty in the third world countries and the Millenium Development Goals by using inovative methods:
- Living Library
- Multicutural Exhibition
- Video projection
- World Cafe
- Street Animation
- Flash Mob
We invite you to sign the STAND UP! Take Action petition and to take attitude against extreme poverty!

More details about the campaign you find on http://fiicetateanglobal.wordpress.com/.

The project is realized with the financial support of the European Commission through Youth in Action Program.

New EVS program

EVS volunteers arrived to Bucharest! Catarina (Portugal), Clarli, Clementine (France), Elke, Julia (Austria) and Hannah (UK) are in Romania for 6 months to implement their project Experience Arts for social changes and will organize a raising awareness campaign about gender equality issues and violence against women phenomenon using methods of participative arts: forum theatre, street animation, Living Library, music, photo etc.
The project is realized with the financial support of the European Commission through Youth in Action Program.

Sound exhibition �Have a Lemon � Taste Diversity!� � the 2nd edition at Miercurea Ciuc

350 readers to Living Library, 700 participants to the exhibition sections and to the concert, 9 kilos of lemon to prepare the limonade, 50 participants to the flash mob to Bucharest in May this year. It is happening again to Miercurea Ciuc in the period 23-26 of September.

This is a project based on cultural diversity revealed through sounds and interaction with people and surrounding sounds. New elements have been introduced for this new location: as a visitor you can be challenged with tasks linked with sounds and diversity, and you will have the possibility to interact more with the guide, make your one music, you can be a part of the exhibition and many others.

The sections of the exhibition have bilingual instructions (Romanian-Hungarian).

The program can be found here. All the events are FREE ENTRY. For more details check www.lemon.org.ro.

The project is realized with the financial support of the European Commission through Youth in Action Program.

Living Library has reached the 3rd Edition!

In May 2009, ART Fusion Association engaged in the ambitious task to use for the first time the Living Library method in Romania. We included this experience in the Photo and Sound Exhibition �Have a Lemon � Taste Diversity!�. All along the 2 editions of the Living Library, our bookstore has gathered together over 50 exciting and dazzling living books that illustrate diversity � Prisoners, Homosexuals, Retired workers, Gypsies, Corporate workers, Police men, Public Workers, Disadvantaged people etc (if you�re curious to see more details please access: artitudinefestival.blogspot.com and www.lemon.org.ro)

Time has come now for the 3rd edition of the Living Library that will take place right here, in Bucharest, during the ONG Fest, the most important event of the civil society! (ongfest.wordpress.com). We invite you to go through your favorite books, read our latest editions or get acquainted with the concept if you�ve missed it so far! Don�t forget to show up during 11-13 September (15.00 � 18.00 hr), in the old city center. Details about the books will soon be posted on www.lemon.org.ro!

Make it Real as You Want it! � the second EVS project of ART Fusion
13 more volunteers from Latvia, France, Poland, Spain and Turkey will join ART Fusion team. They will spend in Bucharest 2 months organizing a festival to promote voluntary work. The festival will take place between 15 and 18 July and will use methods of participative arts like forum theatre, street animation, arts and crafts, photography, music etc. All details related to program and location are posted on artitudinefestival.blogspot.com.
The project is realized with the financial support of the European commission through Youth in Action Program.

SOUND EXBITION: Have a Lemon � Taste Diversity!

Come to see sounds and to hear the world around you!

In the period February - October 2009 ART Fusion team is engaged in �Have a Lemon - Taste Diversity!�. This project is the realized by the initiative group Lemon from our association and proposes to draw the attention to communities like Bucharest and Miercurea-Ciuc upon an European issue: cultural diversity. The visitor may experiment various relatively common life situations and taste diversity through sounds mixed with video and photo, audio spotlight, aquatic sounds, tactile and many other.

We invite you to sound exhibition between 4 to 8 of May in Bucharest to the National Dance Centre of Bucharest at the National Theatre, 3rd floor.

For the program click here.

For more details please click www.lemon.org.ro.

The project is realized with the financial support of the European Commission through Youth in Action Program.

About us

A.R.T. Fusion Association was born at the initiative of 7 young people from Bucharest, in the spring of 2005. Attitude (A), Reality (R), Youth (T) are the coordinates which guide A.R.T. Fusion in its activity.

The A.R.T. Fusion MISSION is to contribute to the process of personal development and competence improvement of children, teenagers and young people by using methods of participative arts.

Social competences represent specific behaviors and abilities of a person, employed in the fulfillment of the social function which said person has. The targeted social competences are those that result from a vast domain of communication, group dynamics and human relations.

Our vision is to create a responsible society, in which every person can contribute to the community and is a veritable potential creator who can be discovered and involved through participative art. We all have the abilities and the freedom to bring about positive change, by volunteering to become involved in our own development and education, as well as of those around us. We wish, and through our activities we attempt, to promote the principles of global responsibility and active citizenship on a large scale.

The values we believe in - every person can make a difference in society - art can be an instrument for social change - self-awareness through exploring art - team-work - continual development - tolerance - social responsibility - overcoming personal limits - equality - flexibility in the face of change.

The methods we successfully use are those of participative art:social theatre, music, street animation, dance, photography, etc. More details about these methods can be found in the training section.

Participative art implies joining and taking part in a group that integrates action, reflection, mind and body, thought and intuition. Participative art transforms the audience from simple spectators to participants to change, and introduces them to a world where art is invested with a social function, thus becoming available to everyone.

The objectives:

    1. Offering wider access, for the beneficiaries of the association, to social/cultural information, programmes and projects necessary for a harmonious development within Romanian society.
    2. Increasing the degree of involvement of children, teenagers and young people in social-cultural-artistic activities necessary for the development of social competences.
    3. Increasing the degree of social responsibility of the beneficiaries of the association, by stimulating a pro-social attitude through the employment of participative art methods.


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